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December 29, 2008


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Tony Searight

Great Work, Great Article!
Proud to have our "Youth Investors And Givers" involved with the microfinance non-finance.

Tony Searight &
Youth Investors


Interesting. Never thought Barack Obama had such ties to micro lending.

Incidentally, check out this social lending idea on

I've been a believer of the concept and voted for this cause when I found out about it. Maybe Obama will hear about social lending right after inauguration if this makes it to the top 10.

Meghan Gill

My mom, being old school, clipped this article from Newsday and mailed it to me. It quotes Nancy Barry.
"Obama's mother, Hillary Clinton shared a belief",0,7695564.story

Leslie Forman

@Tony, Thank you for your kind words!

@Lemons, great idea! I'll vote for it.

@ Meghan (and Mrs. Gill!)
Thanks! That's a really great article! It's amazing to hear that Obama's mother connected him with Hillary Clinton before the election divided them so publicly.

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